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The Silver Shamrock theater opens on October 26th, 2018.



Mr Longfellow was a mild mannered music school teacher....until his corpse was possessed by a flying red demon. Now Longfellow is back from the grave and your screams are music to his ears! The FIEND goes on a strangling rampage through suburban Maryland. He must keep strangling woman to keep his new body from rotting. Who can stop this this murderous music man with an insatiable lust for death?


Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake

Terror ensues when a group friends arrive at camp beaver lake for a weekend of fun in the sun and sex on the beach but instead find themselves in a fight for their lives in this horrific and hilarious fright film from the Director of Troma’s Heavy Mental. Take a psychedelic trip into the bizarre at Camp Beaver Lake!



It's almost time kids, don't miss the big Halloween Party at The Silver Shamrock theater.


Raw Force

When the Burbank Kung Fu Club travels to this mysterious island, they quickly find themselves facing the bloodthirsty vengeance of flesh ripping, kung fu fighting zombies, gun-toting white slave traders and a band of strange monks, who may be the only key to explaining the madness.



It's Halloween night at the Bowl-o-rama where Samantha and her friends are having a party. Everyone's having a great time... until the Chubbies arrive. From the distant planet of Snerd, where sex is outlawed, come the chubbies. A race of grotesque, and horny little creatures, hell bent on global domination by invading your body through any orifice they can find.



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